VW T5 T6 Memo Van-Star Bike Carrier

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The VAN-Star is fitted directly to the chassis of the van and not on the hinges of the rear doors. This makes it an ideal carrier for E-bikes, as it is fitted at knee height and there is no need for lifting the bikes high onto the carrier. The bike carrier swings away to the right hand side of the vehicle which allows both the rear doors to be opened simultaneously. This allows you easy access to the rear stowing compartments of your vehicle.

If not used, the bike carrier can be folded up to save you space in your garage or anywhere else. It can also easily be dismantled due to the way it’s fitted onto the chassis. The carrier is delivered as a complete kit for transporting two (electrical) bikes and a light bar with with a 13-pin Jaeger plug and bike arms are included. 

The bike carrier is constructed from (powder coated) steel arms and aluminium parts and has a maximum payload of 60 kg, the overhang is about 70cm, folded only 30cm when not in use, the overall width is 185cm. The vehicle-specific cable with socket is not included and must be ordered separately.

Material Galvanized and powder coated steel with aluminum components
Type Carrier
Max Load 60kg
Brand Memo Europe
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