Fixed Rubber 4x4 Topped Twin Drawer System

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Our tough, secure and stylish rubber topped drawer systems provide a complete storage solution for every tradesman. They are produced to the highest standard with outstanding build quality.

  • Roll out mechanism which allows the drawers to be extended 3/4 even when fully loaded which allows you to easily reach items at the back of the drawer.
  • The 'bump stop' safety feature stops the drawer at 3/4 open so there's no danger of the drawer falling out but still allows it to be fully loaded.
  • Constructed from high grade galvanised steel plate with full roller bearings to allow super smooth and silent slide.
  • Each drawer is designed to take 150kgs, even when fully extended.
  • The top is covered in durable rubber cover to help protect your goods, with 6 stainless steel tie down rings on top.
  • Each drawer has an integrated lock supplied with 2 keys to keep items secure.
  • Dimensions: Depth=1300mm (51.18 inches), Width=1000mm (39.37 inches), Height=300mm (11.81 inches).
  • Internal drawer dimensions: Depth=1195mm (47.04 inches), Width=435mm (17.13 inches), Height=200mm (7.87 inches).
  • Make sure any drawers and sliding tops are securely locked into position before driving.