Cadac Grillo Chef BBQ/Chef Pan Combo

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Easy to assemble, use, clean and stow; the Grillo Chef. The perfect barbecue for a spontaneous getaway, the Grillo Chef enables unlimited opportunity for adventure. This CADAC comes with a Chef Pan which is an interchangeable cooking surface that can be used as an additional cooking option. The GreenGrill ceramic coating makes it easy to clean and ideal for preparing paellas, risottos, pasta dishes, traditional breakfasts etc.

To use the Chef Pan with your CADAC barbecue, position the pot stand securely within the fat pan and place the Chef Pan centrally on top.

This mid-sized, lightweight Grillo Chef barbecue range comes complete with a push button piezo ignition and finely adjustable temperature control, ensuring you to get cooking perfectly in minutes. It is robust, compact and portable; perfect for barbequing and grilling meat, fish or vegetables.


  • Removable aluminium legs
  • Automatic piezo ignition
  • Removable fat pan with flame peep holes
  • Includes durable storage bag


  • Approximate weight: 7,5 kg
  • Total heat output: 3 kW
  • Total average gas consumption: 218 g/H
  • Average operating pressure: 28-37 mBar

DIMENSIONS: H71 x W65 x L63 cm